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Nyhl Henson

CEO See Him TV

  Nyhl Henson - President and CEO of StreamerZz,™ a digital content and marketing company that is developing "100 Channels Not Seen On Cable.

  " Mr. Henson is an experienced entertainment executive known for his visionary and business instincts in creating or procuring compelling content, its adaptation to new technologies, distribution to "critical mass" audiences and monetization.

  Early in his career he became the first General Manager of Nickelodeon and participated in the creation of both MTV and CMT, serving as a founding vice president of MTV Networks (then called Warner Amex) and CEO of CMT. He is credited as founder of the Pay Per View genre, presenting the first nationwide telecast of the Leonard - Hearns Fight. Renown talent agency, CMA referred to him as "the Edison of Pay Per View." He also presented The Rolling Stones, The Who, Sophisticated Ladies Live from Broadway, the Holmes - Cooney Heavyweight Championship, and the motion picture exclusive rerelease of Star Wars and world premiere of Pirates of Penzance.

  In addition to popular genres such as music, broadway and motion pictures, Henson is a noted expert in areas such as Transformational programming, Boomers & Seniors, Family Values and Faith based markets. He is featured in New York Times best selling author Robert Kiyasaki's book "Retire Young Retire Rich," serves on the Board of Directors of GENI (Global Energy Network Institute) and the Deans National Council, College of Communications, Southern Illinois University.

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